About Us

Douglas Chapman and Associates Inc. combines the strengths and experience of the two principals into an effective company which offers innovative solutions to today’s food industry challenges.

Douglas Chapman

Douglas has a BSc in Food Chemistry and an MSc in Food Science and Technology.  For 35 years he has held responsible positions in both the private and public sectors:

  • Product development
  • Technical service
  • Quality assurance
  • Sales
  • General management
  • Economic development

Twenty-two years in the industrial fats and oils business combined with recent work on sodium reduction are our company’s strength.

Alice Chapman

Alice brings complimentary skills and experience to the company. She has an MBA in Marketing, a BSc in Food Science and Technology and an MSc in Plant and Soil Science. Her success is in the food industry, academia, government, trade associations and the consulting sector:

  • Technical service
  • Export development
  • Government submissions
  • Technical development
  • Teaching

Accomplishments which demonstrate the team’s skills and experience:

Product Technologies:

  • Reformulated a line of bakery shortenings to eliminate trans fat
  • Formulated the first bakery margarine in Canada to run on Rheon equipment
  • Developed hard, melt away fillings that could be successfully coextruded into an expanded corn meal based snack
  • Commissioned a continuous mayonnaise production line
  • Introduced a cocoa butter compatible, fast melt away filling fat to a major US confectionery company
  • Designed, commissioned and staffed a multimillion dollar food applications laboratory for a US company specializing in fats, oils, emulsifiers and encapsulated ingredients
  • Developed a thermally processed pasta in sauce that became a leading retail product
  • Hired and trained a technical service team for a flavour and food ingredient company
  • Introduced a line of HVP savoury flavours
  • Introduced a line of colloidal stabilizer systems
  • Reformulated a line of beverage dry mixes resulting in six figure savings
  • Developed and taught college level food technology and business courses
  • Presented “Retort Operation and Container Closure Evaluation” to food workers for industry accreditation

Business and Project Management

  • Managed the multimillion dollar Canadian specialty fats business of a European multinational
  • Participated on the strategic planning team of a $100 million food company
  • Chaired a multidisciplinary team that reduced product write offs by 30% in the first year resulting in six figure savings
  • Analyzed the North American chocolate market including size, segments, shares and trends
  • Profiled the US cookie market
  • Researched Canadian frozen dough manufacturers as input to an acquisition plan
  • Conducted a quantitative assessment of the Canadian food service, frozen entrees market

Government Interaction and Support

  • Directed a 14 member branch of the Ontario government that attracted and supported food industry investment of $500 to $900 million annually
  • Prepared a trade association report and submission to the federal Commission of Enquiry on Pharmaceutical Pricing and Practices
  • Chaired the Ontario Food Processing Research and Services Committee and completely revised the process for establishing public sector food processing research priorities in Ontario
  • Implemented promotional efforts to government to expand the use of generic pharmaceuticals
  • Established published performance measures for OMAFRA investment attraction activities
  • Directed the branch that determined that the greater Toronto area is the second largest food processing cluster in North America
  • Cooperated with the City of Toronto on a study that determined food processing is the largest manufacturing sector in the city
  • Conducted analysis that determined the food processing sector purchases 70% of Ontario’s agricultural output
  • Planned and executed 20+ government sponsored trade missions abroad
  • Conducted twice yearly seminars for new food exporters