The Guelph Food Research Centre

A World Class Research Facility to Support Production of Safe, healing High Quality, patient and Nutritious Food The Guelph Food Research Centre (GFRC) is located in Guelph, Ontario, at the heart of Canada’s largest concentration of expertise dedicated to food research and development. Established in 1997, it is one of a network of 18 Federal

What In The World Is Going On With Fats?

Doug Chapman recently presented “What In The World Is Going On With Fats?” to Women In Food Industry Management. Sixty plus members were treated to a presentation on changing attitudes to trans fats and saturated fats and how omega-3 fatty acids are leading functional foods growth. An active Q and A session followed. Requests for

Canada’s Technology for Food (CTFF)

High Tech + Food Processing = Improved Productivity + Lower Costs In June 2013 the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, sales Ontario, renowned for its cultivation and commercialization of advanced electronic and software technologies, announced a partnership with the City of Waterloo to launch a new program targeted at the Ontario and Canadian food and beverage

FoodTech Innovation Portal: A Valuable Resource for Canadian Manufacturers

On May 1 of this year HighTech Europe launched their “Food Tech Innovation Portal” ( The portal is a free compilation of food processing resources, ed information and tools for innovation. HighTech Europe, viagra the parent program, buy cialis is a food processing excellence network consisting of 22 organizations (21 from Europe, 1 from Australia).

Information On Omega-3 Fatty Acids

We have all heard of omega-3 fatty acids but how many of us really know what omega-3’s are, what omega-3 fatty acids do and why omega-3’s are important? Omega-3’s Are fatty acid molecules composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. The fatty acids we are interested in consist of linear carbon chains 18 to 22 carbons long They have a carboxyl