Support Services

Project management
Technical services
Customer development
Co-packer support

These support services take advantage of our backgrounds in technical and business expertise and draw from our previous experience when working for suppliers to the food industry. We have supplied services, particularly to small food companies, that periodically wish to add to their in-house resources.

One of our newer services is the complimentary review of waste water costs from a food processing operation. If warranted this review can be followed by the installation of equipment to reduce waste water cost from usage and surcharges. Payback periods are usually 1.0 to 1.5 years. Contact us to learn more.

We have managed the integration of divergent departments and businesses to work together on projects, and have worked with co-packers who supply our clients. We have prepared prototypes and marketing materials in support of technical service, as well as undertaken trouble shooting on client customer visits. We have developed new client customers through market research, initial contacts and follow-up visits. We can help grow your business through augmenting support services when and where you require. Let us know how we can help.