Food Processing

Baking, confectionary & snacks
Trouble shooting
Pilot plant upscaling
Cost optimization
Thermal Processing
Extrusion & co-extrusion
Waste water rebates and surcharges

New and improved products are the life blood of any food company. However, it is not enough to formulate a product on the bench where all the ingredients work together as desired. This combination of ingredients must be processed on a scale that allows for the desired level of commercialization. The processing stage introduces a new level of complexity into the new/improved product process. Companies serving local markets will operate on smaller scale, likely batch. Companies targeting national and international markets will process on larger scale, likely continuous.

We have significant experience in food production facilities of all sizes and in a wide variety of product categories. Some examples follow:

  • Altered the point of ingredient introduction and the extent of premixing prior to high shear on a continuous mayonnaise/salad dressing line resulting in improved viscosity
  • Evaluated open kettle versus pressure fryers for food service
  • Evaluated static versus rolled cook for canned pasta
  • Recommended changes to the handling and evaluation of graham pie crusts
  • Determined the source of dough non-uniformity on a continuous Danish pastry line that resulted in uneven baking performance
  • Solved the problem of bakery shortenings developing lumps during storage
  • Found the source of under processing on a continuous, steam infusion, pasta sauce line that resulted in swollen containers

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