Healthy Foods

Gluten -free
Sodium reduction
Clean Label
Nutritional improvement

 Gluten free foods often suffer from quality and nutritional deficiencies. Replacing the gluten protein functionality with starches, flours and hydrocolloids such as xanthan gum and guar leads to these problems. We have considerable experience working with a European protein isolates supplier in using specific proteins to replace gluten functionality. We have shown several companies the highest quality gluten free white breads that they have ever seen. We have also improved nutritional profiles by incorporating DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) into gluten free breads using Canadian based technologies.

Sodium reduction has evolved from a major public policy dilemma into a quiet company based strategy. We have evaluated numerous commercial approaches to sodium reduction, along with our own. We have been particularly successful with soups,sauces and gravies as a result of Alice’s background in organoleptic analysis and her ability to redesign and rebalance flavour systems.

Clean label and nutritional improvement are fundamentally areas where a company must decide upon its objectives and goals. We have followed these areas closely, with regards to functional foods in general and omega-3 and protein enhancement in particular. We draw from our business sense and knowledge of government regulations to help with client objectives. We apply our depth in food technology to help clients obtain their goals.