Product Development

New & improved products
Shelf life extension
Natural and artificial flavours
Hydrocolloid functionality

New and improved products are the life blood of any food company. We are very experienced in these activities. We have conducted and managed product development activities for large food companies and for not-for-profits. We have also been responsible for the technical service activities within food ingredient companies which has involved us in product development projects for a wide variety of food companies in many product categories. Some examples follow:

  • Reformulated a leading brand of iced tea to improve flavour and reduce cost
  • Formulated chocolate and cheese fillings that could withstand co-extrusion into continuously filled snacks
  • Extended the shelf life of bottled vegetable oil without formulation changes
  • Reformulated aerosol whipped topping to eliminate emulsion break down
  • Formulated an organic, cost reduced bakery shortening for organic cookies
  • Developed a national brand of canned pasta
  • Formulated a line of bakery shortenings to meet trans fat targets

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