Regulatory compliance / Regulatory approvals

Advise on regulatory compliance
Manage process for novel food, food additive and NHP approvals

Food is one of the most highly regulated sectors in a modern economy. Regulations can range from the Certificate of Approval required from the Ministry of the Environment prior to starting up a newly installed machine to the requirements in the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations that influence a specific product. These can impact the formula, the product name and the claims which are allowed. In addition, there are a many rules regarding how the product is labeled and the physical requirements of the label itself.

We have over 60 years experience in the food sector and we are very familiar with the regulatory environment surrounding food production and marketing. One of our first consulting assignments was to develop a two page list of regulations and approvals required for a foreign based company to build, operate and export from a new Ontario plant manufacturing infant formula.

Companies looking to introduce and commercialize a new ingredient or additive in Canada are wise to consult with Health Canada to determine the product’s regulatory status. Indeed, there are requirements for pre-market notification.   DCA is familiar with Health Canada’s procedures in this area and we have successfully guided our clients through these procedures to obtain Letters of No Objection.