Product Technologies

Product Technologies

Edible Fats and Oils

Omega-3 Fatty Acid
An Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Douglas Chapman and Associates Inc. are experts in designing the best fat system for your product. We customize to balance functionality, organoleptic characteristics and cost. Our speciality is the reduction of saturated fat and trans fat in products including baked goods and snacks. With consumer desire for healthier foods and voluntary and regulatory compliance issues on the rise , we can provide an unbiased approach for the ideal solution.
To optimize and balance the fat system in a food we consider the following:

The number, size and type of fat crystals, melting and solidification characteristics, ability to aerate, hold air and resist to oxidation, ability to form or break down stable emulsions, and contribution to lubricity, texture, flavour and colour. Most importantly we consider the overall nutritional characteristics of the food.

Salt ShakerSodium Reduction

High sodium levels in processed foods are a major issue for food manufacturers and food service operators. Jurisdictions are considering changing from voluntary to mandatory approaches. With our background in flavourings and food ingredients, our company will reformulate your products to yield healthier foods while maintaining the product’s integrity and uniqueness. While reformulating for sodium reduction we consider the target level of sodium and the overall role sodium has in the product. We have been especially successful with high sodium containing foods such as soups, sauces and gravies.

Product Development, Trouble Shooting, Scale Up

Cookie Product Line

We are successful in taking products from concept to the lab bench to the pilot plant to the factory. From years of experience with a range of fresh, frozen, refrigerated and shelf stable foods, we are familiar with product and process development and trouble shooting.

Problems we have turned into opportunities through the application of sound food technology:
• Fat bloom on chocolate and/or chocolate coatings
• Thin, runny mayonnaise
• Snack bars with oil separation
• Foaming restaurant fryers
• Unstable industrial fryers
• Off flavoured cookies
• Shelf life enhancement – multiple products
• Ice cream mix microbiology improvement
• Flavour selection and testing – multiple products
• Cost reduced flavour systems
• Stabilizer systems for sauces and dressings
• Acidity control in pickles and relishes
• Swollen 3.8l high acid sauce containers
• Improved process for pasteurized – high acid products including pickles
• Emulsion breakdown during processing – ambient stable icing base
• Emulsion breakdown during storage – aerosol whipped topping