Government Interaction and Support

Every business knows that governments regulate and tax. Some businesses know that governments offer financial programs to support industry and stimulate investment and growth. Few seem to know that governments have programs that offer information, advice and support to those who access it. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, as well as most other provincial ministries, have departments and units whose role is to offer information, contacts and support to business.

Are you effectively accessing all these resources?

The principals of Douglas Chapman and Associates bring 15 years combined experience working inside government, in positions whose mandate was to support business. We have seen this activity from the inside. We can help you get the support you need and when the time comes to turn information and support into action we can take the next steps to move your business forward.

Sources of Funding

Governments at all levels offer a multitude of programs that support the agri-food sector. They are usually part of a larger policy initiative and may or may not be targeted at your business sector. Qualification criteria are usually very specific and timing is crucial. Both AAFC and OMAFRA list pages of programs. We can help you determine if there is support available for which your business may qualify.

SR&ED Tax Credits

The federal government administers a tax credit program for “scientific research and experimental development”. A tax credit of up to 35% of your qualifying costs may be available. As with all programs of this type there is an onerous information requirement and a formal application process.

If we are working with you to develop or improve a product we will always have the SR&ED program in the back of our mind. If you wish we will assemble all the information required and prepare the appropriate forms for your submission.
If you require support, after the fact, to apply for a SR&ED tax credit we will pleased to discuss our services.

Support for Government Interaction

We have extensive experience in government. We can help you:
• Understand available programs, their focus and relevance to you business
• Determine the appropriate ministry or department
• Find the right people
• Offer advice on how to approach government
• Assemble the supporting information you will require

Regulatory Information

All levels of government regulate. The acts and regulations in play depend on your situation. Our long experience in both industry and government allow us to assess the  regulatory environment and the impact on your individual situation.